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  E-mail: Bank account: OTP 11709002-20650456 Address of OTP Bank: 1056 Budapest, Nádor u. 16. Hungary SWIFT: OTPVHUHB IBAN: HU62117090022065045600000000 Tax identification number: 18655588-1-13 Postal address of the foundation: Dr. Dóka Antal Magyar Etológia Alapítvány (Hungarian Ethology Foundation) City: Göd Street: Kálmán u. 35. H-2132 Hungary Mission The Hungarian Ethology Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to encourage and promote the study of animal behaviour (ethology) through supporting research studies and the dissemination of knowledge about animal behaviour through conferences, education, and publications. The aims of the Foundation are to support any kind of ethological research and related education to enhance our knowledge on the behaviour of living beings to support specific research topics, researchers, research groups, the production and publishing of scientific publications to support educat