Support for participation at the Hungarian Ethological Conference

The Foundation has decided to cover the accomodation and registration fees for the 17th Hungarian Ethological Conference of the following students and researchers:

  1. Abdai, Judit
  2. Dr. Andics, Attila
  3. Dr. Ujfalussy, Dorottya
  4. Czinege, Nikolett
  5. Fazekas, Emese
  6. Dr. Gerencsér, Linda
  7. Lehoczki, Fanni
  8. Morvai, Boglárka
  9. Szánthó, Flóra
  10. Szabó, Dóra
  11. Gábor, Anna
  12. Kovács, Krisztina
  13. Reicher, Vivien
  14. Temesi, Andrea

More information about the conference (in Hungarian): here